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Turn Pilates Reformer Bearsden


Turn Pilates provides therapeutic exercise to transform your body.  Our studio is equipped with the best Pilates apparatus in the world, custom made and imported from the USA.

Classical Pilates trains alignment, power and control through hundreds of exercises on specifically designed equipment, designed by physical fitness pioneer Joseph Pilates.  The equipment includes the Universal Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair as well as the mat.

At Turn Pilates we practise the full Pilates Method with a mission to maintain the authenticity of Classical Pilates, this means teaching as close to what Joseph Pilates taught himself.  Turn Pilates will provide an exercise programme to improve your posture, flexibility and strength.  It’s a full body workout for fitness, injury prevention and post injury rehabilitation.

It combines deep core strengthening with stretching, coordination, control and balance.  Our classes work to reshape, re-educate and create long lean strong muscles and flexible joints. 

The central aim of Pilates is to create a fusion of mind and body so that your body will move with economy, grace and balance.

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