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"I have felt the benefits in muscle tone, posture and overall strength.  My body moves in a much more connected and collected I love it!

Laura has helped me to make Pilates a regular part of my life.  She is always positive, giving insight which has improved my understanding of my own body.  We also have a lot of fun!


I hope you can share your knowledge and positive teaching style with many other students."

Hulya Odabasi

"I slipped a disc in my spine during a game of squash.  I spent a lot of money and time on rehabilitation but nothing worked and I learned to live with the pain, until I started Pilates with Laura.


This funny, super energetic, Scottish lady FIXED ME! I started taking 2 classes a week and I've never felt better in my life.  She's always very attentive to my needs and modifies the exercises to ensure I wouldn't hurt myself. 

I honestly don't know what my life would have become without Laura's help.  I haven't had pain since September 2014, and I've been able to start spinning classes, TRX and weight training.  It's incredible the strength I've built in a few years practising with Laura."

Barbara Mendes

Laura is an excellent and very patient teacher.  She takes great care of each individual and gets to know each person well.  In your first class, Laura takes a mental note of any medical history/issues, and throughout all sessions takes care to watch and suggest adaptations.  She makes sure no one is doing anything they shouldn't or overdoing anything.

Laura's classes are always enjoyable and varied - and that's coming from someone who'd never set foot in a gym since school days!

I would highly recommend attending Laura's classes.  She is an enthusiastic, highly motivated, good natured, very approachable, and encouraging person. "

Linda Jaffrey


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