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The popularity of Joseph Pilates’ teachings has grown in recent years and many fitness studios are now offering Pilates “inspired” programmes.  While there are many different schools teaching Pilates, most studios in Scotland offer contemporary approaches.  This means the exercises have been altered from Joseph Pilates original work.  This is particularly apparent when the Pilates apparatus is not available. 

At Turn Pilates we practice the full Pilates Method, because we have an equipped studio with Universal Reformers, Towers and Wunda Chairs.  Our philosophy is to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates original work in its purest form, to teach you the way he would have done so himself.


Turn Pilates Reformer Bearsden

Our training is through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, considered one of the best Pilates Teacher Training Programmes in the world.  Our training is comprehensive which means that we do not learn the method in stages or segments but we must commit to an apprenticeship for a period of 12-18 months, learning all levels from beginner to advanced on all types of Pilates apparatus – the way Joseph Pilates intended his method to be taught.


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