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Turn Pilates Bearsden


Laura is a testament to the healing benefits of Classical Pilates and readily admits that Pilates completely revolutionised her life.

Formerly an accountant, running was her preferred form of exercise until she injured her back and eventually found herself in chronic pain.  Simple tasks became difficult and she thought she would never again participate in activities she once enjoyed. For the next 6 years she endured physiotherapy, surgical visits and clinically based Pilates sessions until she found Classical Pilates.

As her body began to enjoy healthy movement again, Laura was inspired to take her Pilates to the next level.  Early 2012, she practised with increased focus to enter The Pilates Center (TPC) Teacher Training Programme - a fully comprehensive, world-renowned training. After 950 hours of internship, Laura completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program and was further inspired by a trip to TPC, Boulder, Colorado where she studied intensively with some of the best teachers in the world.

During 2015 Laura continued her studies with Cara Reeser, a second generation Pilates Educator, to complete the Post Graduate “Heritage Training” in Switzerland.

She worked as a full time Pilates Teacher in Dubai for over 3 years before relocating back to Scotland in June 2016 to set up her own business.

Laura is a Founding member of UK Pilates Teacher Association and attended the PTA Conference on the Isle of Man (2016), where Joseph Pilates spent time as a POW. This 4 day event included workshops with some of the most prominent international teachers.

Laura is passionate about her education and has continued to source workshops that benefit her teaching.  Most recently Laura was invited to teach at Enlightened Pilates in Dublin and was further inspired by some of TPC’s teacher trainers.

Laura’s positive energy and compassion resonates with her clients as a testament to what can be achieved through the consistent practice of Pilates.


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